NeuroComplications Learning Series Chapter #10 Complications in the Treatment of Hydrocephalus – Lessons Learnt!

(“Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Investigations of Hydrocephalus.”)
Prof. Shlomi Constantini (Israel)
Prof. Graham Fieggen (South Africa)
Prof. Dattatraya Muzumdar (India)

Meet & Greet Introduction of Speakers & Discussants.
By Prof. Dr. Keki E Turel (INDIA)

Is Hydrocephalus Nature’s Protection?
By Prof. Atul Goel (India)

Pediatric vs. Adult Hydrocephalus
By Prof. CE Deopujari (India)

Conceptual Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus
By Prof. S.V. Khadilkar (India)

Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Management of NPH
By Prof. Miguel Arraez (Spain)

Avoidance & Management of Complications of Procedure for Tumor Related Hydrocephalus.
By Prof. Fredrick Boop (USA)

Hydrocephalus following Foramen Magnum Meningioma Surgery.
By Prof. Ibrahim Sbeih (Jordan)

TBM Hydrocephalus.
By Prof. V. Rajshekhar (India)

Revised Predictive Scoring System for Persistent Hydrocephalus in Pediatric Patients with Posterior Fossa Tumor Resection and the Role of AI.
By Dr. Noor Ul Huda Maria (Pakistan)

Complications of Programming VP Shunt in NPH.
By Dr. Jagathlal Gangadharan (India)

Post-infective Hydrocephalus (Invited Talk). By Prof. Llewellyn Padayachy (South Africa)

Cluster Management in Secondary Hydrocephalus.
By Prof. Xian-jian Huang (China)

SESSION #1 : Discussion.

Discussants, Speakers & Dr. Keki Turel.
(“Complications arising from the Treatment of Hydrocephalus”)

Prof. Ekkehard Kasper (USA)
Prof. Nelci Zanon (Brazil)
Prof. CE Deopujari (India)

Introduction of Speakers & Discussants.
By Prof. Dr. Keki E Turel (INDIA)

ETV :Do’s n Don’ts.. Avoidance and Trouble Shooting (Finding & Solving Problems).
by Prof. Dhaval Shukla (India)

Up Herniation After ETV In Children.
by Prof. Alvaro Cordoba (Uruguay)

Dynamic Shunt Complications.
by Dr. Elif Bolat (Turkey)

Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome following Programmable VP Shunt Managed by Timely ETV.
By Dr. Vishwaraj Ratha (India)

Casuistic Case of Pneumocephalia after VP Shunt.
By Dr. Ivan Kurnosov (Russia)

Complete Intracranial Migration of A Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt: Rare Complication of A Common Procedure.
By Prof. V.D. Sinha (India)

Fungal Granuloma of Ventricular Catheter.
By Dr. Kodali Sandhya (India)

Ventriculo-sinus Shunt Complications.
By Prof. Jonathan Roth (Israel)

Repetitive Disconnections and Shunt Dependence. By Prof. Igor Maldonado (France)

A Rare Case of Bilateral Extradural Hematoma Following External Ventricle Drainage.
By Dr. Boon Seng Liew (Malaysia)

Delayed Venous Infarction Following VP Shunt Per iNPH.
By Prof. Morgan Broggi (Italy)

Complications of Cisternostomy (Invited Talk).
By Prof. Najia El Abbadi (Morocco)

Recurrent Ascites due to VP Shunt Disconnection And Peritoneal Malabsorption after 17 years (Case Report).
By Dr. U.S.Srinivasan (India)

Cisternostomy for Prevention of ‘Internal’ Hydrocephalus .
By Prof. Iype Cherian (India)

SESSION #2 : Discussion & Concluding Remarks & Way Forward.
by Discussants, Speakers & Dr. Keki Turel.
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