NeuroComplications Learning Series Chapter #8 Complications in Neuroendoscopy – Lessons Learnt!

Prof. Ekkehard Kasper (Canada)
Prof. Dilip Panikar (India)
Prof. Ramesh Nair (UK)

Meet & Greet Introduction of Speakers & Discussants.

By Prof. Dr. Keki E Turel (INDIA)

Anatomical Basis Of Avoidance Of Complications

By Prof. Victor Hugo Perez (Mexico)

Bleeding in Extra Ventricular Endoscopy

By Prof. Paul Gardner (USA)

Complication Avoidance in Endoscopic Assisted Neurosurgery

By Prof. Charles Teo (Australia)

CSF Leak

By Prof. James Liu (USA)

The Just Missed Carotid Blow out, During Endoscopic Transclival Approach.
By Prof. Vinod Felix (India)

Between A Rock and hard Place.

By Prof. Ramesh Nair (UK)

Unpredictable Cerebral Infarction In Case With Huge Lobulated Pituitary Adenoma.

By Prof. Takeo Goto (Japan)

Postop Myasis After Transphenoidal Surgery – A Rare Complication.

By Prof. Alvaro Cordoba (Uruguay)

Open vs Endoscopic Assisted Surgery For Craniosynostosis In Terms Of Blood Loss, Infection Risk And Hospital stay: A Study From A Low-To-Middle-Income Country (LMIC).

By Dr. Noor Ul Huda Maria (Pakistan)

Flap Salvage In Recurrent Pituitary Adenoma.

By Dr. Jagath lal Gangadharan (India)

My Personal Journey With My Patients Over Two Decades And 2,000 Skull Base Cases: Key Complications That Have Led To The Evolution Of Specific Current Endoscopic Endonasal Techniques.

By Prof. Amin Kassam (USA)

SESSION #1 : Discussion.

Discussants, Speakers & Dr. Keki Turel.
Prof. Shlomi Constantini (Isreal)
Prof. N.K. Venkataramana (India)
Prof. Albert Sufianov (Russia)

Introduction of Speakers & Discussants.
By Prof. Dr. Keki E Turel (INDIA)

Ventricular Endoscopy (Recorded Speech).

by Prof. Andre Grotenhuis (Netherlands)

Bleeding in Ventricular Endoscopy.

by Prof. Kenichi Nishiyama (Japan)

Nuances in Tumor Surgery.

by Prof. Giuseppe Cinalli (Italy)

Aborting A Neurosurgical Procedure: ETV As A Model.

By Prof. Joanathan Roth (Isreal)

ETV Complications.

By Prof. Adrian Caceres (Costa Rica)

Avoiding And Managing Complications in ETV.

By Prof. Manas Panigrahi (India)

Basilar Rupture And Fornix Injury: Avoidance in Intraventricular Endoscopy.

By Dr. Hemant Bhartiya (India)

Fourth Ventricular Outflow Obstruction In An Infant. Endoscopic Management And Difficulties-Video Presentation.

By Prof. Forhad Chowdhury (Bangladesh)

Complication of Cyber Knife In Benign Brain Tumors – A Review of 250 Cases.
By Prof. Dr. Debnarayan Dutta (India)

Wrong Ventriculostomy Trajectory During Endoscopic Excision of Colloid Cyst After Ventriculo Peritoneal Shunt – Case Report And Lesson Learned.

By Prof. Azmi Alias (Malaysia)

SESSION #2 : Discussion & Concluding Remarks & Way Forward.

by Discussants, Speakers & Dr. Keki Turel.
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